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Vicarious life 1222

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Our Mission

Vicarious Life 1222 is a 100% Vegan eCommerce store created and designed with the purpose of inspiring others with healthier lifestyles and all around general health, love, and support around the world.

Currently we offer a HUGE selection of beauty, bath, body, exercise, and lifestyle products, with over 1250 items to choose from.

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Kitchen, apparel, health, books, jewelry, pets, and food.


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Respecting Mother Nature

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100 percent Vegan

Pro Animals

Pro Environment

Inspiring the world
to be kind,
and go vegan

Pro Health

Pro Justice

Pro Change

Vicarious Life 1222

Private Label
Vegan Makeup Line

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Vicarious Life 1222

We put our customers at the heart of everything we do; this helps us to understand how they feel when searching for vegan products and ultimately, making sure they feel great when purchasing.

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